For a number of years I had been active in a number of community and church positions as well as working in sales. All of these roles gave me a great deal of interaction with people from all walks of life. However, something was missing from all this. Something that would leave me with a sense of accomplishment and helping others in a joyous manner.

People often ask me why I chose to become a Justice of the Peace.

The answer is, quite simply, that it chose me.

My friend Bev had been a Justice of the Peace for several years and in fact, had officiated at my brothers’ wedding. Now if you knew Bev, you’d know that she is a remarkable woman: a woman of wit, intelligence, humor, and insight. I knew Bev had been on a quest of sorts for something that would offer her meaning and a chance to have a lasting influence on others’ lives. She seemed to find it as a Justice of the Peace. And so, when I began my own quest, Bev encouraged me in the same direction.

I applied for and received my commission as a Justice of the Peace. Immediately, I knew I had made the right choice. My first ceremony was a Renewal of Vows for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. What a thrill it was to be part of such a special and joyous occasion!

Since then, I have married couples in a variety of settings and conditions. Most weddings I officiate are couples being married for the first time, but many are couples being married for a second or third time and many of these ceremonies involve children, which makes for an extra special ceremony as a new family is created.

So whether you’re being married for the first time or the fifth, whether you’re being married at a Country Club or the beach or a small intimate ceremony at home, I look forward to being part of your wedding on Your Special Day in Your Special Way.

It’s going to be an amazing day!